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Mission Statement
  • To provide service of superior quality and value while maintaining an atmosphere of teamwork, trust and high business ethics.
  • Strive to maintain growth profitability for the company and our customers.
  • To listen and respond to our associates suggestions, to provide opportunities for them to advance their careers and maintain an environment where they can perform to their highest potential.
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W-S began in 1993 as a hydroblast and vacuum contractor and retains a number of highly trained individuals with 25 years of experience providing these services to the Coal Fired Power industry.

W-S is recognized nationally as a premier provider of Air heater and Waterblasting services. The W-S competitive advantage is based on pump configurations tailored to minimize downtime, maximize horsepower, and optimize flexibility to rapidly respond to changing job conditions and requirements.

W-S has responded to the changing needs in the industry by developing a fleet of High Volume 20,000 PSI pumps and automated tooling to help reduce downtime for our customers. 

New Automated Lancing System

In our unwavering commitment to safety, W-S utilizes fully automated lancing systems for cleaning tube bundles.

Some tube cleaning systems compromise safety because the operator must handle the cleaning lance close to the blast zone.

Our automated lancing systems are different — and safer. They feature up to three rotating flex lances operating simultaneously with remote-control operations, so operators can thoroughly clean fouled heat exchanger tubes from outside the vessel.


  • Reduced incident rates by removing the technician from the line-of-fire
  • Increased productivity by reducing technician fatigue
  • Regulated operating speed produces a more consistent clean, regardless of technician experience level
  • Quicker access to vessels with higher risk environments that would be otherwise too hazardous for prolonged entry
  • Availability for a wide variety of vessels, from: open or enclosed and vertical or horizontal
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W-S provides industrial vacuum services to many clients relying upon years of experience and a fleet of late model vacuum trucks that are well maintained for efficiency and reliability.

Both 16 cubic yard bed capacity with wet and dry mode allow for flexibility and versatility on the client’s job site.

W-S can provide service on burners, pulverizers, pressure vessels, soot-blowers, valves, piping, expansion joints, duct work, bottom ash and fly ash systems, air preheater components, coal yard systems, rotary or straight dump rail car systems, scrubber systems, precipitators, cooling tower maintenance as well as providing preventative maintenance programs.

Personnel with over 25 years of experience manage and facilitate W-S Industrial’s Abrasive division.

Units capable of up to 6 hoses each can be utilized in many areas from a central staging point to expedite tasks scattered throughout the furnace.

Additionally, multiple units can be applied to a project simultaneously to meet critical time cleaning objectives.

W-S is uniquely qualified in Explosive Deslagging with several senior management personnel having over 23 years experience in this area.

Being a privately held organization, W-S practices and performs the process of cleaning with the least amount of explosive required. The use of controlled detonation of explosive materials in many areas of the generating facility has become an accepted practice in the utility industry.

To compliment our client’s needs for a full service contractor, we offer this service in turnkey and standalone situations.